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1.1. Architectural and Structural Design, Designated Purpose

Planing motorboat equipped by fixed engine with stern drive and fiberglass hull. A boat is designed to undertake short journeys and recreation, to go fishing or towing a water skier, or for the rent service at boating stations. 

1.2. Certification

A boat is subject to СЕ-marking by Bureau Veritas in accordance with the requirements of EC directives 2003/44/EC (1994/25/EC) of the Modules B+F.

1.3. Navigation Area

Navigation area C – coastal:

Boating in gulfs, on inland waters, bays, rivers and lakes subject to the wind force not more than 6 and a wave height not more than 2 m.  

1.4. Stability and Subdivision

Boat stability complies with requirements of ISO 12217 for the navigation area above mentioned.

Boat subdivision is provided by buoyancy elements.


2.1. Hull shape

Motorboat shape has flat-deadrise planing hull lines with crossover sponson and water gripping sponsons on each side. Deadrise angle on the transform – 160, on the middle - 200.

2.2. Hull Construction

Structural elements of boat hull are made of glass-fibre material based on a polyester resin reinforced binder.

Constructively the hull consists of two sections pasted together along side flange.

Construction, dimensions of coupling elements and hull construction materials are accepted in accordance with requirements of ISO 12215.


3.1. Anchor gear

Anchor, weight 10 kg ..... 1 unit

Swivel ..... 1 unit

Outboard shot, caliber 6 mm, length 6m ..... 1 unit

Anchor cable, caliber 6 mm, length 20 m ..... 1 unit

Bow roller ..... 1 unit

Anchor capstan V-700 ..... 1 unit

Loop for chain securing assisted by shackle ..... 1 unit

Anchorage is performed by means of dropping the anchor via bow roller.

Heaving up of the anchor is performed by means of anchor capstan.

3.2. Mooring and towing arrangement

Mooring cleat ..... 4 units

Side fendering loop ..... 2 units

Rubbing strake along the boat perimeter ..... 1 unit

Fenders ..... 2 units

Towing eye ..... 3 units

Mooring line ..... 2 units

Heaving polypropylene line ..... 1 unit

Tow rope ..... 1 unit

3.3. Rudder system

Sterndrive ..... 1 set

Transform assembly ..... 1 set

Power steering..... 1 set

Steering wheel ..... 1 unit


4.1. Main engine

The fixed engine of a boat is equipped with the sterndrive Volvo Penta 5.7 GiE-300-P having a capacity of 300 hp.

Engine remote control is carried out from helm station.

4.2. Fuel system

Fuel tank ..... 1 unit

Certification ..... RINA

Standard ..... ISO 21487

Material ..... Polyethylene

Capacity ..... 270 1


Air valve – diam. 16 mm

Filler hole – 39/50 mm

Exit – 10 mm

Capacitive level sensor

Fuel supply line, diam. 10 ..... 1 unit

Fuel filter ..... 1 unit

Fuel filler pipe, diam. 50 ..... 1 unit

Air tube, diam. 16 ..... 1 unit

Ventilation cowl ..... 1 unit

Tray ..... 1 unit

4.3. Drainage system

Bilge automatic electric pump ..... 1 unit

Cockpit drain electric pump ..... 1 unit

4.4. Fire protection

Fire extinguisher ..... 1 unit

Stationary automatic sprinkler system FM-200 ..... 1 set


5.1. Overview

Current type ..... Direct

Voltage ..... 12 V

Electric power is distributed over isolated monophase two-wire system 

5.2. Power supply

As a source of electric power, the non-attended accumulator batteries of 12V voltage are installed:

with capacity 120 ampere-hour  for engine start ..... 1 unit

with capacity 120 ampere-hour  for feeding of other users ..... 1 unit

For ACC charging the engine battery charger is used.


6.1. Navigation lights

Top (all round white) light ..... 1 unit

Starboard (green) light ..... 1 unit

Port side (red light) ..... 1 unit

6.2. Warning devices

Signal electric horn of automobile type ..... 1 unit

Ball, diam. 600 mm, black color ..... 1 unit

Distress parachute flare (shipboard) ..... 3 units

Red flare ..... 3 units

White flare ..... 3 units


7.1. Radio equipment

Portable USB-station*

(300,025-300,500 MHz, 336,025-300,500 MHz) ..... 1 unit

Portable USB-station**

(156.300-156.875 MHz) ..... 1 unit

* - Recommended for the inland water operated vessels

** - Necessary for the vessels operated on waterway with the sea navigation regime at night and in low visibility. It meets the requirements of Resolution А.809 (19) of International Maritime Organization (IMO).

7.2. Navigation equipment

Course-setting compass*..... 1 unit

Radar reflector**..... 1 unit

Echo sounder ..... 1 unit

Anemometer ..... 1 unit

Marine chronometer ..... 1 unit

Prismatic binocular ..... 1 unit

Navigation area chart equipment ..... 1 set

* - Necessary for the vessels sailing along the sea and reservoir coasts.

** - Installation is recommended. Requirements of IMO Resolution A.384(X) are to be applied.


8.1. Rescue equipment

An 8-man Inflatable life raft*..... 1 unit

Life jackets, one for each crew member*..... 8 units

Infant life jackets for every child aboard are to be provided*

Life ring with a line and self-igniting buoy*..... 1 unit

* - to be supplied by the boat owner on his own.

Length ..... 7.07 m

Breadth ..... 2.70 m

Depth moulded ..... 1.58 m

Draft ..... 0, 50 m

Freeboard ..... 1.08 m

Air draught ..... 2.80 m

Light displacement ..... 1800 kg

Passenger capacity ..... 8 persons

Engine capacity ..... 300 hp

Сертификат Burea Veritas Kruz 700

Цены на яхты, катера и лодки в Украине.

Яхты цены в Херсоне и Украине — Вы можете узнать у нас на сайте в соответствующем разделе цен на яхты катера и лодки. Стоимость яхт, и, соответственно цены на яхты формируются в зависимости от сложности сборки и изготовления той или иной яхты, катера или лодки.

Яхты, катера и лодки от «Круз Яхт» самые доступные цены на яхты в Украине. Мы изготавливаем яхты в Украине, поэтому стоимость наших яхт исключает добавочную стоимость яхт на растамаживание, и прочие платежи, которые обычно необходимо оплачивать при покупке яхты за границей.

Судостроительная компания «Круз Яхт» занимается изготовлением яхт, катеров и лодок в Украине с 2002 года. В 2009 года мы запустили выпуск яхт, лодок и катеров из стеклопластика. Цены на наши яхты, катера и лодки остаются самыми доступными для широкого круга потребителей.

На нашем сайте, в разделе продукция, Вы сможете узнать цены на следующую нашу продукцию:

Price-list for the products of the Limited Liability Company «Kruz-Yacht» of the 17.11.2016

Boat Model    Standard Specification  
Price of the   EXWH terms  
1 Boat «Kruz 700» Boat
    full equipment    
 White 105 500 $

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