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ProductsBoatsKRM-350 "Karas-М"


1.1. Architectural and Structural Design, Designated Purpose

Daysailer rowing/motor boat equipped with oars, applicable for installation of outboard motor, with fiberglass hull. A boat is designed to undertake short journeys and recreation, to go fishing or for the rent service at boating stations. 

1.2. Classification. Rules and Regulations

A boat is certified by Shipping Register of Ukraine and has Class Certificate K(M)+P35T2[0](prog) in accordance with “Guidelines for classification and construction of small vessels”, Kiev, 2004.

1.3. Navigation Area

Navigation area – 5th coastal:

Unclassified inland waterways and also protected water areas in coastal zone of inland sea and 1, 2 and 3 zones of inland waterways  – without restrictions in distance from shore (limits for a wave height - not more than 0,3 m and for the wind – not more than force 4);    

The nearshore zone of intercontinental sea, Zones 1, 2 and 3 of inland waterways (subject to requirements of Clause 2.1.5 of part IV of Rules “Stability, Subdivision and Free Board”) with a boat offshore proceeding under oars not more than 200 m and not more than 500 m under engine where the navigation is restricted by a wave height not more than 0,3 m and the wind – not more than force 4.  

1.4. Stability and Subdivision

Boat stability complies with requirements of “Rules…” of Shipping Register of Ukraine for the above mentioned navigation area.

Boat subdivision is provided by water-proof double-cased hull design.


2.1. Hull Shape and Construction

Hull of a boat has chine lines with Z-shaped reinforcements on the bottom and alongside.

Constructively the hull consists of two fiberglass molded sections the material of which is based on a polyester resin reinforced binder and which are pasted together along side flange.

Shell thickness of hull sections is 3-4 mm.

Construction, dimensions of coupling elements and hull construction materials are accepted in accordance with requirements of Rules of Shipping Register of Ukraine.

2.2. Hull Materials

For manufacturing of boat hull the imported high-quality polyester resins and glass materials are used.

The hull has decorative gel-coating layer non-attackable for ultraviolet rays and hostile environment.


3.1. Mooring and towing arrangement

Mooring and towing loop …. 3 units

3.2. Oared arrangement

Oars .....  2 units

Oarlocks .....  2 units

Sub-oarlocks ..... 2 units

3.3. Engine

Installation of outboard engine with overload capacity up to 8 hp is specified.

An engine is fixed on a transom by clamp supplied together with the engine.

Length ..... 3.50 m

Breadth ..... 1.52 m

Depth moulded ..... 0.57 m

Weight (without outboard engine) ..... 85 kg

Carrying capacity ..... 300 kg

Maximum propulsion power rating of outboard motor ..... 8 hp

Passenger capacity ..... 3 persons

Price-list for the products of the Limited Liability Company «Kruz-Yacht» of the 17.11.2016

Boat Model Standard SpecificationColorPrice of the EXWH terms  
1 Karas-М «KRM-350» Boat, 2 oars with oarlocks, demountable: central and stern thwarts, bow locker with  catch Blue, green, grey, white, combined 1 275 $

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